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Why Are Squatted Trucks Banned in North Carolina?

Recently the state of North Carolina has passed a law banning the use of squatted trucks that also go by the name ‘Carolina Squat.’ Now, what exactly is a squatted truck? It is a modified SUV. Some owners of the car increase the ride height of the front and decrease the ride height in the back. This tilts the car at an angle, sometimes also known as the Tennessee tilt.

What Is the Controversy All About?

Earlier this year, the lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed a bill deeming this modification as a safety hazard and proposed to ban it. It was approved as law, and starting from December 1st, 2021, modifying SUVs with the Tennessee tilt will be considered an illegal offense punishable by law. This kind of modification became trendy in the last one and half years or so and quickly attracted many SUV owners. However, the banning throws light on how hazardous squatted trucks can be.

Why Are Squatted Trucks Dangerous?

These modifications don’t come from the car developer. Resultingly, the rear-view mirrors are not suitable for the tilt. A person driving a squatted car will get truncated vision in their rear-view mirror because of the angular tilt. This might lead to accidents and loss of property and cause serious injury to people, if not loss of their lives. The law made it clear that no vehicle is allowed to have an increased front ride height of more than 3 inches over the original height. Similarly, the rear ride height cannot be decreased by more than 2 inches under the original height.

Another issue that was raised to effectively ban squatted trucks was that, since these SUVs are modified to a different angle, their headlights and taillights could blind another driver. If such a thing occurs during nighttime, the chances of a car crash are extremely likely.

The Aftermath of The New Law

Three or more convictions in twelve months will result in one’s license being suspended for a whole year. The proposition of this bill and subsequent passing of the law was met with mixed reactions. While a large number of people supported the proposition, many petitions against the passing of the bill were also received. One section of the public opinion also hinted at the extreme overreach the government has on the people. However, making squatted trucks illegal is just a matter of public safety, and it was long overdue.

Accidents involving vehicles with heightened fronts and lowered backs were recorded, which eventually led the authorities to take this decisive step. Whether or not the citizens of the state of North Carolina will abide by the new law is yet to be seen. Accidents cannot be prevented, but you can always use the law to seek justice with a personal injury attorney, such as at the law office of Jackson Pitts. Whether other states will follow suit is also a topic of speculation. For now, we can only hope for the safety of all that these trucks get eliminated for good.

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