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Will I Ever Get The Bail Amount Back After My Case Is Over?

If someone pays bail through a bonding company, then they will not get their money back. If, however, they pay the full amount in cash to the court directly, then they will be entitled to a return of that money at the conclusion of the case.

Who Can Actually Post Bail?

Bail can be posted by a bonding company or a private person. If a bonding company posts it, only a portion of the total bail amount will be owed. If a private person posts it, then the entire amount will be owed.

Are You Able To Help Your Clients Get Out On Bail Right Away Or Do You Have To See A Judge First?

It is possible to have bail set without first seeing a judge, but it will likely be higher than if the individual waited to see a judge.

Can A Bond Or Bail Be Used For Fines or Court Costs?

If the full amount of bail is paid in cash, then those funds will be returned at the conclusion of the case and could then be used to pay for fines and court costs.

Is It Ever Excusable or Allowable For Someone To Mistakenly Miss A Court Date?

If someone realizes that they are not going to be able to make it to court or that they have already missed a court date, they should immediately contact their attorney. The attorney will contact the judge and prosecutor in an attempt to prevent the bail from being forfeited. Occasionally, if someone reaches out to their attorney before they miss court, they may be able to reschedule with the assistance of their attorney prior to a warrant for their arrest being issued.

If I Am Arrested And Released From Jail Without Being Charged, Is There Any Sort Of Bail Involved?

If someone is released without being charged, then they will be free to go; the court cannot require that person to pay bail or bond. However, just because someone gets released from jail without being charged does not mean that they won’t be charged in the future; the state will still have time within the statute of limitations to charge the individual with a crime. If that occurs, then they will have to return to court and re-address bail, bond, or conditions of release.

If I Am Charged With Two Different Charges, Will I Have Bond Or Bail Set For Each One?

If an individual is charged with two different crimes, one or two bail amounts could be set; if the charges are part of the same case, then one bail amount will be set, but if the charges are from two separate cases, then two separate bail amounts could be imposed. This is particularly true if the charges are being brought in different counties.

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