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The Legal Status of Marijuana in Minnesota

On December 12, 2018, St. Paul councilmembers showed almost unanimous support for a resolution in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. In a 6-1 vote, the St. Paul City Council agreed to take a closer look at getting rid of the city’s strict laws on recreational cannabis use. Although this resolution won’t change the city or state laws, it reveals that lawmakers are taking this issue seriously. Those in favor of the measure said legalized pot would increase St. Paul’s revenues, which could help improve the city’s public services and infrastructure. Lawmakers who opposed this resolution pointed out that the city… Read More →

Minneapolis Officials Allow Electric Scooters

Minneapolis officials recently announced e-scooter companies Lyft, Spin, JUMP, and Lime will be allowed to send their devices into the city for the second phase of its pilot program. According to this new deal, there will soon be 500 e-scooters from each of these four companies on Minneapolis’s streets. Most of these e-scooters will be placed in the Downtown area, but Minneapolis also wants companies to place devices in more economically disadvantaged areas. This second pilot program will run until the end of March 2020. The most surprising feature of this announcement was that Minneapolis barred e-scooter giant Bird from… Read More →

The Overlooked Avenue of Pedestrian Safety

The Word “Pedestrian” doesn’t only mean “mundane” or “mediocre” The safety of people traveling on foot is hugely important, but often taken for granted. This is undoubtedly because every person will inevitably live the role of a pedestrian at one point in time or another. The word “pedestrian” itself is derived from the Latin word “Ped” which literally means “foot.” The correlation of the etymology is clear because a pedestrian is one who walks on foot – and in today’s fast paced society, the title typically implies that the individual is treading amongst automobile traffic. What does it truly mean… Read More →